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Webinar: Marketing to Women

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 
12 p.m. 

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She holds the key to everything and anyone who passes beyond the threshold ... and is the key decision maker in service purchases, but do you know how to talk to her or even where to find her? In this webinar, you will learn what she hears, where she hears it and the three key things you should know about her to get her attention.

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Approximate duration: 
60 minutes

Presented by: 
Liz Patrick, VP Strategic Alliances, Service Nation

Liz Patrick is passionate in her belief that small businesses are the backbone of America. Patrick has more than 13 years’ experience developing profitable yellow page advertising programs for businesses in one of the most competitive markets in the country. As Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Service Nation, Inc., she has been involved for the past 9 years helping contractors improve their business and financial performance. Patrick brings her passion, knowledge and experience to bear in her “Marketing to Women” presentation. In addition to meeting the needs of her customers, she was certified as a Learning Platform Consultant, Peer Trainer and a Master Mentor. Presenting to contractor groups across the country, Patrick helps owners and managers learn how to flex their personal style in order to reduce tension and get superior performance from their customers, team members and suppliers.

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